Getting started with a Rational Team Concert (CLM) deployment

I recently had to put together a quick “how-to” get started list of material regarding deploying Rational Team Concert v4.0.2 in a single server department topology with WAS and DB2.   In addition, there was a request to include a reverse proxy and IHS plugin to the topology.  This list applies to any CLM product: RTC, RRC, or RQM.

I wanted to share the list of references I compiled.

CLM 2012 Deployment Guide <–Overall guide that touches at a high level the points mentioned below.

1) First and foremost, I would read the Planning to deploy and Install topic in our infocenter:

It includes information on topology planning including reverse proxies:

2) Regarding WAS, here is the parent topic:

Notice the topic on configuring a reverse proxies using IHS:

The above topic includes the links to two articles written as a how-to for reverse proxy configuration. They were written for 3.0.1 but they still apply for 4.0.x.

Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies, Part 1: Understanding Reverse Proxy

Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies, Part 2: WebSphere and IHS Plugin method

Notice the topic about the Jython script vs Admin console approach for deployment of CLM on WAS.

The entire section on deploying on WAS should be read as it also discusses single Signon.

This article discusses deploying on WAS+IHS when JTS and CCM are on separate app server profiles:

3) There is a patch needed when using  BIRT reports on dashboards and WAS 8.0.0.x, see workitem 261100

4) Regarding DB2, here is the link to the Setting up the databases topic for DB2:

I usually follow the steps here before deploying on the app server and subsequently running the setup wizard.

5) The infocenter now provides a feature called an Interactive Install Guide where you can specify the details of your environment and it will generate a step by step guide. This is good to read after first glance at all the individual topics because it pulls it all together for you in sequential format.

6) In case you did not already know, you cannot change the public URI of CLM applications, at least not without a server rename as of v4.0.x, so, please read the information regarding how to choose an appropriate public URI.

7) For your reference, here is the System Requirements article for CLM 4.0.2: CLM 4.0.3 updates are in draft mode here:

8) I perused the library for articles related to deployment. Here is a list of ones are I found useful.

9) CLM Administration workshop This workshop is a MUST for anyone planning and implementing a deployment of any CLM application.  In this workshop, we take the student from an eval topology to a department or enterprise topology, and demonstrate how to install/configure a reverse proxy and move to WAS+DB2+LDAP. This material was developed using CLM 4.0.

10) For questions regarding backups, here is an article to have around:

11) TIP: Whenever you are re-directed to an infocenter link such as ones that start with, you can always make sure you are reading the latest, if you substitute v4r0m2 instead of v4r0 or v4r0m1.

12) Tuning the Rational Team Concert 4.0 server

13) Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 Sizing Report (Standard Topology E1)

14) Youtube playlist for Install:

15) Guide to better performance for Jazz applications is a blog post by Dan Toczala that captures many performance related best practices for CLM deployments.


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