Jazz Reporting Solutions – Getting started and deep dive material – Update

This post is about the Jazz Reporting solutions and how to quickly find some information to help grow your knowledge or just get started. The Jazz Reporting solutions as of CLM v6.0.2 consist of the IBM Jazz Reporting Service(JRS), Rational Publishing Engine, ALM Cognos Connector and Rational Insight.  The Jazz Reporting Service is made up of the following components: Report Builder, Data Collection Component (DCC), and Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE).  The JRS started as the Report Builder and DCC in version 5.0. JRS is an alternative to complex reporting solutions. It can be used to quickly create reports to share information about your lifecycle management products with stakeholders, and fellow team members.

The best sources of information on this topic are as follows: the IBM Knowledge Center, Jazz.net library, and the IBM User Education channel on YouTube.  I have compiled a list that you can reference as a consumer, business partner, technical salesperson or just a curious reporting enthusiast.

IBM Knowledge Center

JRS Ready-to-use and Ready-to-copy Reports
Data Dictonaries
Reportable REST API





Reporting on versioned artifacts




Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)

RPE 2.0.1 Video Series



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